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Streaming Downloading with a New Downloads Button

All internet users have to download something at some point from important documents to fun things like new backgrounds and music. When you download your browser has a default location in which you can find your download. Finding that location can be tricky sometimes as it may not be your usual downloads folder or the link disappears if you don?t click it straight away. The simple Downloads plug-in for Chrome gives you one click access to this folder. This free add-on could be very handy for beginners.

Reach Your Download Folder in One Click

?One click? design is something that more and more designers strive for meaning that you can literally reach what you need in one click rather than navigating several menus or folders. The Chrome add-on called Downloads does this for you- just click it and your download folder opens! While this is hardly revolutionary and it?s hardly a feature packed tool it can be very useful. Beginners who don?t like navigating folders may find it useful as do people like artists who navigate with a touch pen. Touch screen users will also find it helpful.

Basic and Free

Downloads may not add much excitement to your browsing or have lots of features but for a free add-on that you can install in seconds it?s a nifty time saver. Chrome users may find it very helpful indeed.


  • One click access to your download folder
  • Install from Chrome?s trusted store
  • Free to use


  • Just performs one simple task.


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